FAV Hydraulic Power Pack

FAE had started full production of FAV hydraulic powerpacks since 2006. The FAV hydraulic powerpack designs were conceptualized after much feedback from end users on existing available powerpacks in the markets. Thus, FAV hydraulic powerpacks featured many improvements and additional features over existing available powerpacks in the construction industry. The FAV hydraulic powerpacks are designed to meet the demanding working conditions and performance requirement of any job, ensuring maximum quality and value for money for the end users.

As the powerpacks are manufactured according to end users requirement, FAE can provide customization of its powerpacks such as fitting the powerpacks with reconditioned diesel engines instead of new electronic diesel engines.

Some of the features of the FAV hydraulic powerpacks are: 
> Noise-reduced structure frame. 
> Fitted with reconditioned mechanical engines (according to customers' requirement). 
> Concealed exhaust silencer. 
>User friendly control panel. 
> Remote control pendant. 
> Easy maintenance and service access into powerpack. 
> Powerpack canopy fitted with container locking blocks. 
> Stainless steel latches and hinges. 
> Built-in step ladder on powerpack body for easy roof access. 

As FAE firmly believe in continuous research and development of our products, additional improvements and features would be added in subsequently production units.